Civil and family law

  • legal services relating to real properties
  • legal services in property matters and co-ownership relationships
  • lease rights to residential premises, non-residential premises or any other things, and rent
  • civil actions;
  • advice and consultations on civil matters;
  • legal services related to inheritance matters;
  • drafting contracts and agreements;
  • exercising claims to damages;
  • representation in out-of-court settlement of civil disputes;
  • protection of personal rights and seeking redress for the protection of personal rights;
  • divorces, dissolution of civil partnership;
  • regulation of relationships to and maintenance and support of minors.

Labour law

  • preparing or amending employment contracts;
  • preparing or amending documents relating to employment changes;
  • preparing or amending managerial contracts,
  • addressing issues regarding the employment of foreign nationals;
  • exercising claims to damages arising from employment relationships;
  • ensuring the prevention of legal liability for damage in employment;
  • agreements for work carried out outside employment
  • monitoring legislation and ongoing updates of contracts and internal regulations;
  • preparing or amending special directives;
  • assessing the validity of employment termination by notice or instant termination;
  • employment termination agreements;
  • representation in disputes relating to employment termination.

Intellectual property and trademark law

  • enforcement of copyright to works of authorship;
  • agreements for the use of copyrighted works;
  • agreements with performing artists;
  • regulating employer’s rights to an employee’s work;
  • regulating exclusive and non-exclusive licences, licensing agreements, licensing terms and other related issues;
  • domain transfer agreements, domain name rental agreements;
  • legal assessments of encroachment upon rights to domains;
  • enforcement of domain transfer from competitors or speculators;
  • trademark registration;
  • enforcing claims arising from infringements of rights to trademarks;
  • domain protection from unfair competition on the Internet and representation in disputes.

Commercial and corporate law

  • comprehensive administration of legal affairs of entrepreneurs (firms and individuals);
  • contracts;
  • legal aid to entrepreneurs in recovering trade receivables;
  • representation in out-of-court settlement of commercial disputes;
  • legal analyses;
  • representation of shareholders (or members of a cooperative) or members of companies’ executive bodies in general meetings (cooperative members meeting) without their participation;
  • formation of companies (unlimited company, limited partnership company, limited liability company, joint-stock company, cooperative), foundations, and cooperatives (housing cooperative);
  • formation and establishment of a branch of a foreign entity (foreign company, foreign individual – sole trader);
  • regulation of relationships among shareholders in the memorandum of association and the articles of association, relationships between shareholders and executive bodies or members thereof;
  • transfers of shareholdings (ownership interests in cooperatives) and shares;
  • organisation and preparation of general meetings and meetings of other company and cooperative bodies;
  • arrangement of the appointment and election of a company’s bodies or members thereof, registered office changes and ensuring updates of founding documents of companies or cooperatives;
  • drafting and revising agreement and other documents of a commercial nature;
  • preparing analyses or statements.

Administrative law and law of administrative infractions

  • representation of parties to administrative proceedings before state administration and self-government bodies;
  • representation of individuals and legal entities in proceedings in administrative courts;
  • drafting motions to commence proceedings, statements, complaints or other applications to administrative authorities;
  • legal advice on administrative law;
  • carrying out legal analysis and research concerning administrative law;
  • exercising an injured party’s claim to damages in the hearing of an administrative infraction;
  • defence of persons accused of administrative infractions in related proceedings.

Criminal law

  • defence of the accused;
  • exercising an injured party’s claims to damages, claims to compensation for non-pecuniary harm, as well as claims for surrender of unjust enrichment against perpetrators of crimes;
  • legal aid relating to cybersecurity breaches and cybercrime.

Constitutional law

  • legal aid relating to breaches of human rights and civil liberties;
  • representation in court on the protection of human rights and civil liberties;
  • representation on the protection of rights of national and ethnic minorities;
  • representation in proceedings before the Czech Constitutional Court;
  • drafting and filing constitutional complaints with the Czech Constitutional Court and representation in proceedings in such constitutional complaints before the Constitutional Court;
  • drafting and filing complaints with the European Court of Human Rights and representation in proceedings in such complaints before the court;
  • legal services relating to obtaining visas and residence permits in the Czech Republic;
  • legal aid for refugees;
  • representation in the asylum process.

Plant protection law

  • legal advice on the implementation of a plan to obtain a permit for the parallel trade of a product, its introduction, placement on the market and use in another EU Member State if the Member State determines that the plant protection product is identical in composition to a plant protection product already authorised in its territory;
  • representation in proceedings concerning applications for parallel trade permits for plant protection products;
  • representations in audits of compliance with statutory duties carried out by administrative authorities;
  • legal advice on the use of plant protection products;
  • legal advice on the distribution of plant protection products, controls and obligations relating to the distribution of plant protection products;
  • legal advice on the fulfilment of statutory duties to keep documents relating to product distribution and to comply with good distribution practice;
  • legal advice on the obligation to distribute plant protection products for professional uses solely to holders of level 2 and level 3 certificates;
  • representation in administrative courts in matters affecting plant protection products and the fulfilment of obligations arising from Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council, concerning the placing of plant protection products on the market, and Czech Act No. 326/2004 Sb., on phytosanitary care, as amended.
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