On 7 March 2022, I have been advised that the name of myself and the copyright to the website of the law office of JUDr Pavel Brach has been abused or infringed upon, as the case may be, in Belgium as follows: The name and the copyright have been counterfeited and displayed under different domain names that are capable of causing clients to believe that they belong to me.

In this connection, a considerable amount in EUR has been enticed away from individuals unaware of the situation. Allegedly, a tax debt to state was paid through my person; instead, these individuals fell victim to a major fraud. In this connection, please note that we never request the payment to be remitted to our account in these cases of which the client would not have been made aware in advance unless the payments are requested and, therefore, authorised payments of attorney's fees and/or deposits of funds to custody with the attorney made on the basis of a written agreement for administration of funds.

Furthermore, I do not accept financial loans, credits or other financial obligations that must be from me repaid. At the same time, I do not enter into any contracts between absent persons (eg via the Internet and e-mail) and I enter into contracts in paper form.

Therefore, please proceed with high level of carefulness and if you are not sure about an e-mail message you supposedly received from my law office, please contact me again, I will certainly furnish additional necessary information to you.

In case of doubts about the person you are dealing with or concluding contracts, please have the identity of such a person proven by a personal or identification card confirming the identity of the acting person.

If we choose not to engage in personal communication with a client for any reason, I am always committed to demonstrating absolute transparency of myself and my activities vis-à-vis clients and I request our clients or individuals seeking legal services to offer the same transparency to us.

Simultaneously, please note that the official e-mail address of my law office reads This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the official website of my law office is hosted under the domain name of www.brachlegal.cz.

Furthermore, please be advised that I am registered in the list of attorneys-at-law maintained by the Czech Bar Association acting as the public inspection authority where official contact details for my law office are also indicated. You can find them using this link.

JUDr. Pavel Brach